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The Beit HaMikdash CD-ROM

The Beit HaMikdash CD-ROMThe Beit HaMikdash 3D multimedia CD-ROM is a UNIQUE learning experience.

Through the combination of graphics, videos and true 3D technology, you learn by doing.

The CD-ROM permits you to explore on your own the vast stretches of the Temple Plaza. Go ahead, visit the different Chambers... Rooms... Find the Menorah...the Ark... and the Copper Laver. Visit the Bakery... Operate the tools... Test your skills and build the Mikdash brick by brick.

Go to the interactive library and search through the many background texts that help clarify the differences between the previous Temples. The Library includes a complete Tanach which is HYPERTEXTED to the Mikdash.

This CD-ROM is an excellent educational tool. It makes you feel as if you're really there.

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