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38 YEARS ANNIVERSARY to the Six Day War
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Follow Me...: The Story of the Six Day War Video or DVD

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Follow Me. The Story of the Six Day War DVD/VideoOn June 5, 1967, fourteen hostile armies from three huge Arab nations suddenly descended upon the state of Israel from every side and direction. Yet in just six days, this tiny country not only defended herself, but won a decisive victory that changed the map of the Middle East.

Egyptian MIGs exploding in the cross hairs of Israeli jet sights, infantry troops pressing through the Sinai, and the momentous and emotional reunification of Jerusalem are just a few of the scenes you will witness in Follow Me's carefully selected series of the most up-close and intimate footage available from the Six Day War. Thirty seven Israeli combat photographers captured Israeli training, emergency preparations, strategy as explained to the soldiers themselves, fighting in the trenches, prisoners of war, aftermath, and memorial ceremonies- previously censored footage which was made available exclusively for this film. Combined with media coverage and accompanied by fascinating and informative narration, this video is a source of enlightenment for every viewer concerned with the current conflict in the Middle East, and is certain to provide you with a better historical and geographical understanding of the "Green Line" debate, the "Road Map" proposal, and the Peace-for-Land compromises so often spoken of today.

Important Features:
  • The very maps shown to soldiers in preparation for battle
  • Clear and detailed graphics of attack points and details of conquest on the air-, land-, and sea-fronts battle-by-battle
  • Exposure of the Arab propaganda machine, military training (week-by-week!), terrorist tactics, and diplomacy
  • Television broadcasts of Prime Minister Eshkol, Generals Yitzchak Rabin and Moshe Dayan, Ben Gurion, and other military leaders and major political figures from the war
  • The international community's response revealed in the original meetings, speeches, and decisive announcements: the United Nations, Britain, France, and Russia
Running Time: 95 minutes

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