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HEBREW for everyone
Knowing HEBREW will give you a special
Understanding about ISRAEL, The JEWISH PEOPLE and the BIBLE

"HEBREW for everyone" teaches the language
From the biblical point of view, using Modern Hebrew!

What's in a NAME?
Did you know that the names in the BIBLE have a special meaning?

How are they linked to the New Testament?

HEBREW for everyone

Knowing to greet in Hebrew, on any occasion, could touch hearts….

In this study guide you will learn
and more ….

We offer you pleasant hours of study.
"HEBREW for everyone" is presented in a
Friendly and interesting way, in a special AUTO-DIDACCTIC system

This study guide is for beginners and scholars,

HEBREW for everyone

Book and Audio cassette/CD with pronunciation keys
In Hebrew is including!

HEBREW for everyone

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Find more related products and information on our new fresh website

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