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Holy Land Mosaic CD-ROM

Holy Land Mosaic CD-ROMHoly Land Mosaic is an interactive, multimedia CD-ROM that seeks to guide those who are thirsty for knowledge through the Holy Land of the Bible and the Gospels. The program was designed by DOKO Media with the goal of creating a Bible-study tool that would not only deepen understanding of the ancient world and the natural geographic and cultural surroundings in which the events of the Bible occurred, but also of offering an inexhaustible treasure of information that could be accessed in a fun and uniquely inspiring way.

You just want to relax and have a little educational Bible fun? We've made sure to include that, too. The software takes its name from the built-in Mosaic game: each section contains a secret cave in which you deposit various historical, archaeological, and biblical objects hidden along your journey. Find them all and organize them into the ancient mosaic where they belong... and you'll get a special surprise for your good work!

Equipped with an extended index, detailed interactive maps of every region and city mentioned, over 50 video clips of every place and story, QTVR movies of Holy Land sites, as well as more than 1,000 photographs, illustrations, and biblical artwork from throughout the centuries, the possibilities for deepening your understanding of the "big picture" of the Bible are truly endless. Each feature can be referenced from every location along the journey, allowing you to click on the map the moment you find yourself somewhere you can't visualize geographically, or to look up an unfamiliar word. Instant explanations and elaborations are available at every turn, making Holy Land Mosaic the perfect tool to fill in all those little holes in biblical knowledge, and ensuring that you'll be able to "make the connections" between events, cities, biblical figures, passages, and teachings by the end.

So much information can be overwhelming, though, so we've made it possible to navigate your journey both as captain and on auto-pilot. (We recommend Auto Mode first to get an overview of all that the CD-ROM contains- or just to relax with some family entertainment-, then switch to Manual for intensive or specific study.) And of course, the program comes with complete instructions as well as a "Get Help" button on every screen.

Here's an abbreviated outline of the program's contents:

I. The Holy Land
     1. B.C.
          A. The Matriarchs and Patriarchs
          B. Exodus
          C. First Temple
          D. Second Temple
     2. A.D.
          A. Judaism
          B. Christianity
          C. Islam

II. The City of Jerusalem
     1. Jerusalem Within the Walls
          A. The Christian Quarter
          B. The Jewish Quarter
          C. The Armenian Quarter
          D. The Moslem Quarter
          E. Walls & Gates
          F. The City of David
          G. The Temple Mount
     2. The Mount of Olives
          A. The Tomb of Absalom
          B. The Tomb of Zachariah
          C. The Tomb of B'nei Hezir
          D. The Church of St. Mary Magdalene
     3. The New City of Jerusalem
          A. Outside the Walls
          B. Capital of Israel
          C. Reflections on Jewish History
          D. Wars in Modern Times

III. The Life of Jesus
     1. The Child Jesus
          A. Birth
          B. The Presentation in the Temple
          C. Three Wise Men
          D. The Flight to Egypt
          E. Boyhood in Nazareth
          F. Teaching in the Temple
     2. Jesus Walks the Land
          A. First Steps in Ministry
          B. Ministry at the Sea
          C. The Twelve
          D. Journey to Jerusalem
     3. Final Days of Jesus
          A. The Triumphal Entry
          B. Ministry & Conflict in Jerusalem
          C. Arrest & Judgement
          D. The Death Sentence
          E. Resurrection
          F. Appearances...

...and way too much more to list here!

With its complete explanatory narration and colorful and interesting images and videos, the Holy Land Mosaic CD-ROM even makes a wonderful childrens' introduction to the Bible and the Holy Land. The mosaic game is easy enough for those little experts at hide-and-seek and puzzle-making, while the limitless Bible-study features guarantee mom and dad won't get bored either.

Piece together the Holy Land Mosaic, and we bet you'll be the most well-rounded biblical scholar in your church or synagogue by the time you're through!

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