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The Holy Land of Jesus & Daily life at the time of Jesus- Book

The Holy Land of Jesus BookThe Holy Land of Jesus makes a wonderful Christian gift for any of your friends or loved ones who wishes to know more about the life and teachings of Jesus. Every single page contains a treasury of beautiful full-color photographs, accompanied by eloquent and informative explanations of the biblical events that occurred there, as well as fascinating cultural, historical, and geographical facts. The collage of breath-taking images and illustrations add indispensable biblical knowledge that was carefully selected specifically to teach and inspire.

"To know more about the land and history of the Bible is imperative to understanding the Bible itself. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with tools like this book.

Discovery and renewal are in store for you as you explore the Bible's archaeological sites and the daily life at the time of Jesus illustrations - the Galilee, Nazareth, Jerusalem, the entire Holy Land of Jesus -with this aid. Let your heart be warmed and opened to fresh insights as the Scriptures come alive."

Charles M. Kopp
Chairman, United Christian Council in Israel

"God has revealed Himself by speaking to man in a rather limited region of the earth: that is called 'the Holy Land Experience'... I find that this book... can be of great help to prepare the faithful for a projected visit to Jesus' land of Israel/Palestine, or to convey a deeper appreciation of the sites after one has already visited them...Understanding the Daily life at the time of Jesus through the overall illustrations... Reading this book attentively could widen your religious horizons and stretch out before you a panorama of faith and history which will enrich your life."
Father Bargil Pixner OSB
Benedictine Monastery of Hagia Maria Sion (Dormition Abbey)

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Jesus time Yearly Cycle

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