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King David - Poet and warrior
A History Channel Film

  King David: Poet & Warrior Historical spiritual and human portrait of one of the heroic Kings of Israel in colorful journey back to the living Bible. David was born about 1040 B.C., the eighth and youngest son of Jesse of Bethlehemm . David was a Shepherd which out of necessity at the time also taught him fighting skills when defending the flocks from predatory wild animals, David cultivated a variety of skills for survival. He seems to have been a person of considerable intelligence and charm but was also extremely ambitious and ruthless. David served King Saul from time to time as a musician and armor , He distinguished himself in battle against the Philistines and soon rose to become a commander in Saul's army. . Upon Saul's death, David went to Hebron where he was anointed as king of Judah… David was always a dedicated and repentant man of God who served God's purpose ,and after a reign of forty years and six months . David died at the age of seventy, "and was buried in the city of David.

King Saul, Samuel, Bat Sheba, Goliath & the Philistines, Michal , Joab, Amnon & Tamar, Absalom, pool of Gilboa , Jezreel valley, are some of the figures and sites that take place in this astonishing film. one hour

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