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The Mishkan 3-D CD-ROM

The Mishkan 3-D CD-ROMThe Mishkan CD-ROM was designed to make a difficult and challenging topic easy to understand. Each year, thousands upon thousands of students study and get tested on the Mishkan and in the end, most would like to REALLY KNOW what happened.

This CD-ROM clears up any doubts as to what the Mishkan really looked like, and how it was put together.

The CD will teach the user the components of the Mishkan's construction and how it was made. It contains over 40 videos and 3D graphics that permit the user to get up close and really comprehend its majesty, and the miracle of its construction.

  • Study the Mishkan in a 3D Multimedia Classroom
  • Over 40 Full Color, 3D Videos
  • Build the Mishkan one step at a time
  • View the Mishkan from 360 degrees
  • Understand how the Ark was made
  • Walk up the Copper Altar & Study its Construction
  • Learn all about the Copper Laver
  • Study the Menorah in all its detail
  • Discover the intricacies of the Showbread
  • Gallery of 100 Printable 3D pictures of the Mishkan and its Vessels.
  • Clear, Concise Narrated Explanations on every step of the construction of the Mishkan
System Requirements:
  • IBM PC or Compatible
  • Windows 95/98
  • CD-ROM Drive

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