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This product is sold in the following configurations:
English to Spanish; Spanish to English
English to German; German to English
English to Italian; Italian to English
English to French; French to English
English to Portuguese; Portuguese to English
English to Danish
English to Swedish
English to Finnish
English to Hebrew
English to Chinese Simplified
English to Chinese Traditional
English to Japanese (Genius dictionary)
English to Korean


The QuicktionaryII enables users to scan a single word or full line of
printed text and translate or define single words, see and hear the scanned word(s) read aloud. Based on WizCom's proprietary optical head, sophisticated OCR and ASIC systems, the product is both fast and accurate. Most QuicktionaryII models come complete with integrated Text-to-Speech technology. Users can hear the scanned word or line of text read aloud through a built-in speaker or earphone. QuicktionaryII is expandable and upgradeable. Over 30 dictionaries and functional applications are available for download from the Memory Extension Kit (MEK) CD Rom.

Features and Specifications:

Dictionaries: Product available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish and Hebrew. (Latin and Germanic languages are bi-directional with English. All other languages are from English to the destination language).

Voice: The product’s built-in Text-to-Speech technology provides immediate word-by-word pronunciation of a scanned English word or full line of text.

Text Recognition: QuicktionaryII recognizes over 300,000 words and expressions and offers numerous translation and definition combinations (see above). QuicktionaryII reads a wide range of printed fonts and sizes, including inverted and hyphenated text.

Alternative input tools are included for entering words that you can’t scan (e.g., street signs).

Left-handed support: If you’re left-handed, don’t worry! QuicktionaryII can be set for convenient left- or right-handed use.

Light and small: QuicktionaryII is designed to fit in your pocket. At only three ounces, it is much lighter than regular dictionaries.

Optical Character Recognition at 97% (based on standard font and size average). Preference setting for numerical and inverted text recognition.


Stay focused on your reading material instead of searching through a paper dictionary. With QuicktionaryII, you will get immediate translations and definitions so that you can continue reading without losing your train of thought!

  • QuicktionaryII helps expand your vocabulary. By retaining the last 80 words
        scanned, it assists you in learning the words and understanding the text.
  • Perfect for language students, English as Second Language students, travelers,
        and people working in multi-lingual environments.

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