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Temple in Jerusalem
A History Channel film

  God's world is great and holy. The holiest land in the world is the land of Israel. In the land of Israel the holiest city is Jerusalem . In Jerusalem the holiest place was the Temple, and in the Temple the holiest spot was the Holy of Holies...

Solomon's Temple had stood on the site of Mount Moriah for over 350 years before the Babylonians destroyed it in 586 BC.

The work of rebuilding the Second Temple began in 19 BC which was the 18th year of King Herod’s reign. …On the twentieth day of the month of Av, the Romans fought their last battle in the Upper City. Most of the Jews perished in the fighting… The Romans ended the battle by setting the Upper City and the Temple on fire. Today the Western Wall, the so-called Wailing Wall, is all that remains of the ancient walls of Herod's Temple.

To this day Jews pray three times a day for the Temple's restoration. Fascinating film, by the History channel - Unforgettable journey back in time to the depths and mystery of the Holy Temple.

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