Holyland Journey - Unlocking the Bible Codes: The Key to the Scriptures' Secrets.
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"Unlocking the Bible Codes" Features

  • No knowledge of Hebrew necessary - You can search the Hebrew Scriptures for hidden codes without ANY knowledge of Hebrew! The built-in English-Hebrew dictionary, virtual transliteration keyboard, and four other context databases (Proper Names, Christianity, Contemporary History and Doomsday) allow you to search for English words and enter their Hebrew equivalents directly from the translation results screen into your search criteria.
  • Automatic English-Hebrew translation - Just type in your search word(s) in English. The program automatically translates it to Hebrew.
  • Extensive English-Hebrew dictionary - To assist you in any search, the program contains a 70,000-word dictionary that translates words and phrases from English to Hebrew. To enter a term from the dictionary into the search window, just type the English word and click the button to include that word in your search list. The Hebrew word is then entered in the Code Search Window.
  • Multimedia Tutorial Presentation - "Unlocking the Bible Codes" comes with three multi-media tutorial presentations that walk you through each search process: Multiple Word Search, Advanced Search, and Dates & Transliteration Search.
  • On-screen bilingual transliteration keyboard - To enter your searches quickly, you can use the on-screen transliteration keyboard. Simply click on an English letter and the program automatically inserts the equivalent Hebrew letter in the Search field.
  • Improved user-friendliness - With "Unlocking the Bible Codes", Version 2, you can now switch back and forth between the search program and the tutorial for immediate assistance without ever having to exit your search screen.
  • Automatic translation of found codes from Hebrew to English
  • Hebrew/English synchronized text of the Old Testament - The program displays the entire Hebrew Scriptures (all 39 books of the Tanach) in Hebrew, and allows the user to select and display either the Russian or English King James Version directly beside the Hebrew text.
  • Powerful database - In addition to the extensive English-Hebrew dictionary, "Unlocking the Bible Codes" also includes four large bilingual Hebrew/English Context databases of Proper Names, Contemporary Historical Names and Events, Biblical Names and others to assist you in your searches. Just click on the desired term and it will automatically be placed in the search window.
  • Automatic date converter from the Gregorian to the Hebrew calendar - The program automatically converts any date from the Gregorian calendar to its corresponding date in the Hebrew calendar and inserts those characters into the Search field.
  • Multiple search and cross search capabilities - With "Unlocking the Bible Codes" you can search for many words or phrases at once, and easily add or remove words from the main search screen. Newcomers to Hebrew will have no trouble determining which Hebrew word they wish to add or delete from a group, since all words are shown beside their English translations at all times.
  • Forward/Backward Search - When searching for a word or string of words, the program will analyze the Hebrew text and list all found terms, whether they are written forwards, backwards, or even diagonally.
  • Highlights codes in bright colors and geometric shapes - After completing a search, you can assign each found word or code a different shape and color in order to view it clearly within the matrix.
  • Color and font customization - The program allows you to adjust the font size of the Tanach text, as well as the background screen color.
  • Import/export results directly to and from friends
  • Print Hebrew/English text
  • Interactive Help

All DOKO products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
To place an order by phone or for Customer Service inquiries, please call toll-free 1-888-470-6739 (from the US only) or +972-3-634-4776.