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What Are the Bible Codes?

Ancient biblical tradition teaches that God dictated the first five books of the Bible- the Torah -to Moses letter by letter, and that human events, past, present, and future, are encoded in the Hebrew Scriptures in an encryption system which can be described and unlocked.

Bible code theories have existed for thousands of years, but in 1994 the results of a four-year study on the computer analysis of hidden codes found in the first five books of the Old Testament were published in the journal "Statistical Science". Dr. Robert Aumann, Professor of Mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, stated that there is "very strong scientific evidence that under intense scientific experimentation the bible code phenomenon is shown to exist and is provable as a true phenomenon".

"Titanic", for instance, was found encoded seven times in the Torah, twice crossed by the Hebrew word "tava", "sank". "Yitzhak Rabin" was discovered once crossed by the words "assassin will assassinate". "Jesus the Messiah" is encrypted several times.

Since these incredible discoveries, the Bible Codes have become the subject of huge best-sellers and a topic of international interest and passionate discussion.

"Unlocking the Bible Codes" is software created by Doko Media in order to enable the average person to search the Hebrew Scriptures for hidden codes without any knowledge of Hebrew! The user simply types in an English word to search and the program automatically translates it to Hebrew, scans and analyzes the text, then returns all the found Hebrew codes with their English translations. You can even search for your own name and the names of your loved ones!

You will be simply amazed at the power of the "Unlocking the Bible Codes" CD-ROM: integrated within the system is a 70,000-word bilingual, (English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English) dictionary, a multi-media tutorial presentation, a synchronized English (or Russian) translation of the Hebrew Scriptures, and many, many other tools. We welcome you to have a look at our extensive list of Features, to try our On-line Demonstration, and of course to check out some of the Codes Already Found in the Bible.

All DOKO products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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